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Achieving an Attractive French Kitchen Design

In order to achieve the charm of a French kitchen design, you need to consider a few elements: 
beautiful French kitchen herbs; classic French lighting; natural French kitchen element.

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A French-inspired kitchen design is one nice choice. It brings about a feeling of living in an old chateau where everything in it gives an atmosphere of coziness and warmth. Here are some important elements you need to consider to create an ambiance of a French kitchen right in your very home:

Beautiful French kitchen herbs

Growing beautiful kitchen herbs is a primary requisite in achieving a French kitchen look. Your bright and airy French kitchen windows should be lined with pots of live herbs. It is intended for two purposes. One for its practicality. The other to provide a rustic design of a chateau-style kitchen. Popular kitchen herbs include the following: basil, sage, thyme, rosemary, mint, and marjoram.

Classic French lighting

The lighting in a French kitchen is not so much for aesthetic purposes. Rather, it is much needed for its practical use. You need to have both natural lighting and recessed lighting. Natural lighting is so much needed in growing your herbs.  This is made possible by providing windows capable of letting in a sufficient amount of natural light. Your recessed lighting also known as can lights are perfect for dimly lit working areas in the kitchen.

Natural French kitchen elements

Things derived from nature are a great deal of French kitchen elements. You can incorporate the following elements in this type of kitchen:

wood - wood is crafted into pantries and shelves. A wooden chopping board is a necessity in a French kitchen too. Since wood has an anti-microbial property, it is an excellent choice for food preparation surfaces. Wooden countertops are also essential in this kitchen style since it creates an atmosphere of warmth.
stone - old French kitchens utilizes stone accents too. A fireplace made of stone is capable of holding heat, making it a great place for making a bread dough rise.
marble - a marble work station is ideal if you prefer to do a lot of baking in your kitchen. Your marble surface would remain chilled if it's not exposed to direct sunlight. The coldness of your marble work station can help in retaining the shape of your dough
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